Since the covid-19 became a pandemic and rushed over the world globally, the usual rules we commonly agreed upon before have almost vanished thoroughly. The domestic governor would rob the facial masks when the goods were transported through their territory. The troubles we have met frequently appeared in the business scope, to be more specific, the supply chain.

When the unfinished goods got eagerly demanded by all-over coming purchasers, the contract we’d signed before became a piece of nonsense, even though we paid the deposit in advance. This kind of situation happened every single day in early 2020 when masks were crazily needed in all countries. Order inquiries with billions of pieces in QTY spread over every WeChat group, even including the irrelevant industries. Soon after there followed the demand for covid test kits and vaccines. Some fast-move factories grabbed the leading opportunities and earned a fortune in 3 months instead of the 10 years required as before.

We have been involved in this wave deeply. Apart from the positive achievement, the most touching part is, no pain no gain. We have seen the greed of human nature and the kindness that touches the soul. This is what the world is, the true faces. We understood the vulnerability of humanity, and the importance of organized large-scale production capacities that could supply the goods needed by people in time. Therefore, we made a tiny step to edge forward, establish this CE(ChinaEdges) program by a small team, and explore deeper and wider industrial, protective, and construction material niches. In addition, we have covered the field of essential medical materials which could protect people from the pandemic. God knows when it’s the end.

The principles we complied with are:

  • Rapid response, professionalism in product supply, and dedicated serving attitude.
  • Recommend proper goods with reasonable QTY and quotations.
  • Minimize the risk and uncertain factors to the lowest level for each order, we’ll put every effort to make the deal smooth with under-control lead time and quality check.
  • Avoid any big troubles for customs clearance and payment cross-board, and ship the goods with a reliable and long-term cooperated freight forwarder.
  • If there is any unexpected awful situation that turns out and we haven’t warned in advance, that would be our responsibility, and we shall take full charge.
  • Increasing the turnover (i.e. the business scale) is our final single target.

Edges forward for your needs, for your business blueprint, for the end-users, for making the world a slightly bit better. Let’s hit the expressway and take the highland of business together, a tribute to the heyday!


Be Continued…